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If you have trouble getting a covered repair paid without unnecessary extra out-of-pocket costs, please, PLEASE file a complaint with Better Business Bureau. BBB has 91 listed complaints as of today.

Of the 16 reviews BBB posted, 2 are positive and 14 are negative. Google reviews are virtually uniformly negative. My research suggests a consumer m.a.y. get satisfaction if they involve the Better Business Bureau by filing a complaint.

Maybe people should also complain to their state's Attorney General. The many, many complaints I've read suggest they employ similar stalling practices over and over again, wasting time by demanding more inspections and "tear down" labor from the mechanic, that they will NOT cover, often to deny the claim for unrelated or spurious reasons anyway. That suggests a pattern of deceptive practice.

The (highly recommended) mechanic I brought my car to will no longer deal with them at all. Some of the complaints I read are from mechanics who have had it with them, and embarrassed dealers who will no longer sell their policies.

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