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i purchased a used pickup in 7/2006.I was offered warranty policy for a set amount for as long as i paid the premium per month. It was supposed to cover every thing on engine,transmission, rear end.

well motor blew up 175 miles on a trip in pa.after getting it back to Ohio i found there was alot of damage to motor. i talked to Penn warranty and after i paid to have motor pulled so that they could inspect it they said it had been run hot for a long time. This is news to me for I've not had any trouble up till this point.Before leaving on this trip i had vehicle serviced so i know it was road able. seems dumb to start out on a trip of 600 miles with a messed up motor.

never the less they said it was run hot for a long time,which made warranty invalid . the first offer they made was 374.00 minus 100.00 deductible. second offer was 1000.00. i said no to that also.

they also told me i signed for coverage. i wanted to see my name on the white line,nothing winding this up I've got 2600.00 in re man motor 680.00 in labor 225.00 in a new computer, oil filters and anything extra . You may ask why computer, you can't hide stuff on what happened to engine,and its there believe me. plus i have replaced radiator water pump,thermostat hoses and whatever else my mechanic says it needs.

so needless to say 274.00 will not cover it. all i can say it watch Penn warranty because they are a really bad people to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Penn Warranty Corporation Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3705.

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:cry Penn Warranty seems to like that 3 hundred dollar range, which ends up under 3 hundred for them, after the deductible is paid. I needed a new rack for my Envoy.

They would only cover $224. for a used one, no fluids and an hour less in labor. MY mechanic doesn't deal with used parts and doesn't even want to talk to them again.

My mechanic said he felt sorry for me. So, he'd do the job, but the part has to be shipped to me.

My income consists of disability. So, I bought the warranty for this truck.

Used parts and I can't afford the mechanics labor, so I'm going to end up using a backyard mechanic. Hmmm sounds like it was before I had a vehicle with a warranty; sweating bullets.

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