I could go into depth about how wrong Penn warranty company has done me and my family. However, I'm sure you have read many detailed reports from other people.

All I would like to say is they truly do not care about customer safety and satisfaction. Any good mechanic knows that if you tear down an engine or transmission, you have to test certain parts before putting the car back on the road. Penn refuses to pay for these "extra" steps, but many responsible mechanics will not do the repair without testing because it is unsafe. Penn claims they cover parts, and they do.

However, they do not cover the whole job and you are still left without a vehicle. I've opened two claims with the company; one for the engine, one for the transmission. Both occasions they took days to respond to my mechanic, lied about what they were going/not going to cover, and provided me with terrible customer service. My mechanic has had so many problems with this company, as of today he has officially sworn off dealing with anyone who has Penn.

Yes, I made the mistake of going with Penn, I should have done my research.

A simple Google search could have saved me so much money, hassle and time. It is what it is. I only write this so others may learn from my mistake. A warranty is a great idea.

It serves to give you peace of mind, but this company is worthless when you really need it. With Penn warranty, it's a false sense of security.

Product or Service Mentioned: Penn Warranty Corporation Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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